Hi Everyone! 

Sorry for the radio silence-- it has been quite a transition from Bloomington to Ann Arbor, what with 3 kids and a dozen (or more) typewriters to handle!

However, it seems that I just can't leave good old B-Town anyway. I recently sent a whopping 60 prints to Gather, an awesome little shop on the downtown square that I happened into many times while I lived there. Woman-owned and run, queer-friendly, and crafty-- where could be a better fit?! Expanding my retail presence has been one of my goals for a while, and I couldn't be happier to have made this connection with a great location in my old hometown. 60 prints is my largest order to-date, and, honestly, WAS SO SUPER FUN TO CREATE! I absolutely love spending time choosing which botanicals to pair with my poetry-- a bit more on how I do this in a future post. Also, I've had a large supply of bare botanicals for a while, so it was nice to be able to move some along to make way for lovely, amazing, freshly-foraged vintage goodness...I'm always waiting for an excuse to hunt around for hours on end through dusty aisles for new beauties. In short, YES YES YES I will happily type 60 or 80 or 100 prints for your shop!

Below is a little glimpse into the process of producing a retail order like this one. Hand-picked, hand-typed, hand-stamped-- I love the work involved in all of it. I love thinking about the person who picks it up so far away from me and can see and feel the uniqueness of each one. I hope they make a connection, not just to the beautiful print, but to me, the person who put it all together just for them :)

Hand-typed invoice on vintage paper, duh.

Um, yep-- hand-typed invoice on vintage paper.

Prints sorted in vintage trays

Sorting regular and large prints in vintage paper trays

Stamping the backing stock

Stamping in my current shop space (in need of some better lighting and some cuteness)