It all started with a typewriter...

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T  h  e     S  t  o  r  y
I've always been a writer-- since I was a kid I used to keep journals where I wrote stories about my favorite hockey players, copied Destiny's Child lyrics, and attempted poetry. I still write--now poetry, short stories, and articles-- but almost never by hand anymore, which I used to do exclusively. The hectic-ness of life caught up with me and I thought the computer was the quickest way for me to get my ideas down. However (and I recognize the irony in this moment of typing), the computer's sterile white page and monotonous blinking cursor have been uninspiring to say the least.

I've discovered the tactile satisfaction of the manual typewriter (thanks to my older co-worker who STILL uses one in her job as a librarian) and fallen in love with the process of writing that I have been taking for granted since I so carelessly gave up on handwriting. I found my machine where a lot of them are probably living right now-- in the basement at my mom's house. I have been typing things non-stop since I brought it home and brushed it off, and I simply can't keep all these words for myself.

I've always also been a zinester, a cut-and-paster, a person who is intrigued by the mingling of text and image. I immediately took to typing right onto old book pages I've been saving.

Stamping these letters onto vintage paper feels to me like reuniting old friends. For many of the prints, the images speak to me and I type what they say. For others, I write pretty, funny, or sad things that are just looking for a place to be said.